Sunday, 20 October 2013

28 Sept...last session

This is the last session of Elementary Mathematics module.  I have enjoyed 1st session to the last session of this module.  Dr.Yeap has introduced alot of Math activities which help us to understand current primary school's Math concepts.  I have indeed learned alot of Math methods which I have never been introduced to during my school days.

Do you know area of triangle? 

Area of traingle -> 1/2 x base x height

But Dr. Yeap has taught other method which enlightened us.....

We were taught to think of other methods and Dr. Yeap showed us to cut part of triangle to place it on top portion of triangle to form a rectangle.  We will then be able to find area by using length x breadth. 
We were then been asked to set Math questions during our quiz.  It was quite tough yet fun as we need to use proper English sentence structure to make sure the other party able to understand the sentences and solve the problem.
Overall, Math is a subject which you can't memorize all the methods but to understand the concept.  It depends alot on your thinking skills using the right concept.......

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