Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Uses of Whole Number

What is a whole number?

In google term, it is known as positive interger(1,2,3.....) and not a partial number, fraction or percentage.
But today in 2nd day of Dr. Yeap's lesson, I have learnt different classification of whole numbers.
1) Cardinal Number,
2) Nominal Number,
3) Ordinal Number and
4) Measurement Number.
Besides that, the interesting part of the lesson is the 10 frames using "Jack n The Beanstalk" musical story.  It is interesting to understand that there are many ways to solve the problems with three numbers involved.  This will enhance children's creative thinking in deriving various solution methods and not only focus on one method which I was being taught during my Primary school years.Ten Frame Math Games http://theclarkchronicles.com/?p=1877
So how many ways are you able to do this addition?  Try it....

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